Doosan Reach Trucks


Doosan, a globally recognized brand, extends its expertise in material handling into the design and manufacture of reach trucks that are both robust and reliable. Doosan’s reach truck offerings, which include the BRT series, are built to cater to a wide array of warehouse and distribution needs. These reach trucks are acclaimed for their superior lift heights, excellent durability, and ease of maintenance. Doosan reach trucks also feature advanced ergonomics for operator comfort and safety, as well as precise control systems that allow for efficient handling and maneuverability in narrow aisle applications. The incorporation of AC technology in the motors delivers smooth acceleration and energy efficiency, which when combined with regenerative braking systems, translates to longer operational periods between charges.

Customers considering Doosan reach trucks can expect a product that aligns with the company’s reputation for sturdy construction and dependable performance. The importance that Doosan places on customer service is also a significant factor, with their comprehensive after-sales support and service network ensuring the long-term reliability of their equipment. Additionally, Doosan is known for offering competitive total cost of ownership, with their reach trucks being designed not just for performance but also for low operational costs over their lifespan. For businesses prioritizing strength, reliability, and cost-efficiency, a Doosan reach truck is a compelling choice.

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