Genie Telehandlers


Genie, a brand under Terex Corporation, is highly regarded for its versatile range of telehandlers that cater to a multitude of tasks in construction, agriculture, and industry. Among its various models, the Genie GTH-5519 is a compact workhorse with a lift capacity of 5,500 lbs and a height of 19 feet, ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. The Genie GTH-844 is robust and an operator favorite, offering an 8,000-lb capacity with a 44-foot lift height, balancing strength with reach. For those requiring even more power, the Genie GTH-1056 features an impressive capacity of 10,000 lbs and a lift height of 56 feet, making it suitable for the most demanding tasks.

Genie telehandlers are engineered for high performance, emphasizing user-friendly operation with ergonomic controls and a focus on operator comfort. The brand is synonymous with reliability, and its telehandlers come with powerful engines, durable designs, and four-wheel drive capabilities, ensuring consistent performance even in rugged terrain. Furthermore, Genie telehandlers are designed for ease of serviceability, which minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

Choosing a Genie telehandler means investing in a brand that’s known for innovation and backed by a comprehensive warranty and service network. Customers who purchase Genie telehandlers benefit from the peace of mind that comes with quality equipment designed for safety, longevity, and optimal performance, making them a smart acquisition for any business needing a reliable material handling solution.

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