JLG Scissor Lifts


JLG Industries is a renowned leader in the scissor lift market, offering a wide array of models to cater to different operational needs. The JLG 1930ES is a popular model known for its quiet electric operation, with a working height of 25 feet, a lift capacity of 500 pounds, and the ability to fit through standard doorways. For tasks that demand higher reach, the JLG 2632ES provides a 32-foot work height and extends the versatility with a 500-pound lift capacity, while maintaining a narrow chassis for maneuvering in tight spaces. Moving to the rugged end of the spectrum, the JLG 4069LE is designed for outdoor jobs that require a substantial platform, offering a working height of 46 feet and a hefty 800-pound lift capacity.

JLG scissor lifts are recognized for their durability, robust control systems, and advanced safety features, including pothole guards and tilt level sensors that enhance operator safety during aerial work. These lifts are engineered for balance and stability, and the electric models offer the added benefit of zero emissions, making them suitable for indoor use or in environmentally sensitive areas.

Investing in a JLG scissor lift is a commitment to quality and dependability. Customers who choose JLG benefit from innovative design and engineering, ensuring efficient operation and ease of maintenance. Additionally, JLG’s widespread service network provides exceptional after-sales support. This makes JLG scissor lifts a compelling choice for those in need of a reliable, safe, and high-performing aerial work platform.

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