JLG Telehandlers

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JLG Industries, Inc. is renowned for its wide range of telehandlers designed to meet various material handling needs across numerous industries. Models like the JLG 742, with its 7,000-pound capacity and 42-foot lift height, and the JLG 1255, boasting an impressive 12,000-pound capacity with a 55-foot lift height, highlight the brand’s commitment to power and reach. The JLG G5-18A is perfect for tighter spaces with its compact footprint yet still offers a substantial 5,500-pound capacity and an 18-foot lift height.

Each JLG telehandler model is built with operator comfort and safety in mind, featuring spacious cabs, intuitive controls, and advanced safety systems. JLG telehandlers are equipped with engines that deliver consistent power and efficiency, allowing for excellent maneuverability and control on various terrains, which is critical for construction sites, agricultural applications, and industrial environments.

Opting for a JLG telehandler means investing in a piece of equipment that’s backed by reliable support and service. JLG’s telehandlers are designed for durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring they hold their value over time. For customers seeking versatile, robust, and reliable telehandlers, JLG’s lineup presents a compelling choice backed by the brand’s reputation for quality and after-sales support, making them a wise investment for businesses looking to optimize their material handling operations.

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