Jungheinrich Reach Trucks


Jungheinrich stands as a prominent name in the world of intralogistics, offering a comprehensive range of reach trucks renowned for their innovative technology and efficiency. Their lineup includes the ETV Series, with various models like the ETV 110/112 for low to medium-high racks, and the ETV 214/216, designed for high-rack systems in narrow aisles. These trucks boast advanced features such as Jungheinrich’s proprietary 3-phase AC technology and energy regeneration during braking, which significantly enhance battery performance and operational uptime. The reach trucks are also fitted with intuitive control systems, providing ease of use and precise handling that can boost operator productivity.

Customers looking at Jungheinrich reach trucks can expect excellent maneuverability, lift speeds, and ergonomic design, which help to prevent operator fatigue during intensive operations. The robust design of Jungheinrich trucks ensures reliability and longevity, which, when combined with their comprehensive after-sales support, including a maintenance network and fleet management solutions, offers a significant return on investment. Furthermore, Jungheinrich’s commitment to providing eco-friendly equipment is evidenced by their energy-efficient operations and longer service life of the batteries. Opting for a Jungheinrich reach truck is a strategic move for businesses that prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge material handling solutions.

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