Linde Rough Terrain Forklifts


Linde Material Handling is a premier manufacturer in the world of forklifts, known for combining innovation with reliability. While Linde’s portfolio is primarily recognized for their electric and warehouse forklifts, their expertise extends to creating solutions that can tackle difficult terrains, although they are not specifically branded as “Rough Terrain Forklifts.” Linde’s forklifts, such as the robust H-series with models like H50 – H80, are equipped with hydrostatic drives, resilient tires, and robust engines that can manage in less-than-ideal ground conditions typically found in industries such as logging or construction. A customer should consider a Linde forklift for its precision in handling, exceptional ergonomic design which reduces operator fatigue, and Linde’s patented technologies that ensure efficiency and low maintenance costs. Furthermore, Linde forklifts are renowned for their long service life and robustness, with a worldwide service network that ensures operational continuity. When it comes to handling materials in environments that are more demanding than polished warehouse floors, a Linde forklift represents a strategic investment in productivity and reliability.

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